Rangers Protocol Foundation reported that in February 2023, Rangers Protocol put forward the latest plan on developing Rangers Sub-chain, Rangers Protocol is striding confidently towards the goal of facilitating the development of Web3 games.

Rangers Sub-Chain is the latest initiative of Rangers Protocol for an optimized network to build and scale gaming AppChains. It is the first industry solution for gaming AppChains, with which Rangers Protocol intends to provide Web3 games with robust blockchain infrastructure, high customization, efficient deployment, and effortless maintenance. And to leverage sub-chains to the best capacity, Rangers Protocol is also planning on the integration of EIP-3074 to support dApps in providing gas-free transactions for their users.

The Rangers Protocol Foundation strongly supports Rangers Protocol’s technology expansion strategy, helping Rangers Protocol improve its technology and releases.

The Rangers Protocol Foundation has an 12,231.68 RPG backup funding support for the development of technology. The funding includes activity costs to market the program, event costs, KOL rewards and other administrative costs.