Rangers Protocol Foundation reported that in November 2023, MetaCeneGame Alpha Test2 launched on Rangers Mainnet.

In the world of blockchain gaming, MetaCene stands out as a groundbreaking MMORPG, intricately woven into the fabric of Rangers Protocol’s innovative blockchain ecosystem. This collaboration has been pivotal in establishing MetaCene as a next-generation gaming experience, where players immerse themselves in a post-apocalyptic world rich with adventures and mysteries.

Alpha Test 2 represents a significant milestone for both MetaCene and Rangers Protocol, emphasizing the synergy between advanced blockchain technology and immersive gaming experiences. It showcases Rangers Protocol’s capability to support sophisticated gaming ecosystems, reinforcing its position as a pioneering blockchain solution for the gaming industry.

The Rangers Protocol Foundation strongly supports the development of Rangers Protocol, helping Rangers Protocol improve its brand influence.

The Rangers Protocol Foundation has an 20,648.11 RPG backup funding support for the development of technology. The funding includes activity costs to market the program, event costs, KOL rewards and other administrative costs.