Conference Time: June 27, 2022

Conference Agenda: Rangers Protocol Foundation Community Committee Official Establishment

Conference Outcome: Rangers Protocol Foundation CEO Jade presided over the meeting and announced the official establishment of the Rangers Protocol Foundation Community Committee.

The Community Committee is responsible for the daily operation and management of the Foundation and the Community Fund. Community funds will be gradually generated and released per smart contract, with a total amount of 10,290,000 RPG. Through the open and transparent distribution of ecological community rewards, participants of various identities will join Rangers Protocol without trust costs and jointly participate in developing and constructing the Rangers Protocol ecosystem.

The Community Fund is committed to encouraging individuals or groups that contribute to the Rangers Protocol ecosystem and incentivizing users to actively participate in platform construction by becoming proposal and verification nodes.

To obtain rewards, proposal nodes can:

stake RPG (Rangers Protocol Gas, the ecosystem token) provide stable and high-performance servers and networks Complete the generation of witness units stake continuously select verification nodes

To obtain rewards, verification nodes can: stake RPG Stay online with a good network connection be responsible for the execution of the contract.

The Community Fund is guaranteed and operated by the Community Committee. The use of Community Fund is determined by the participation and contribution of all ecological builders.

The establishment of the Community Committee is nominated by the community. The following is the list of the first community committee. In no particular order, there are 14 members in total: Incuba Alpha Holdings, Puzzle Ventures, SNZ, Polkastarter, Hash Global, HashKey Capital, Consensus Lab, SevenX Ventures, Origin Capital, Metaverse Capital, Kernel Ventures, META BRIDGE, Spark Digital Capital, and ArkStream Capital.