Rangers Protocol Foundation reported that in December 2021, the Rangers Protocol and Bithumb cooperate to expand the Korean market.

On December 2021, A new round of MIX Trading Competition officially starts on Bithumb. The winners will receive 6,000 RPG (Rangers Protocol Gas).In November this year, Bithumb held the first MIX Trading Competition. The total transaction volume of MIX in the first three days of the event exceeded 200 million U.S. dollars. Through the cooperation with Bithumb, Rangers Protocol has increased its popularity in the Korean market and further expanded the Korean market.

The Rangers Protocol Foundation very much agrees with Rangers Protocol’s expansion of global marketing.

The Rangers Protocol Foundation has an 23.51 RPG backup funding support for the development of global marketing. The funding includes activity costs to market the program, event costs, KOL rewards and other administrative costs.