Rangers Protocol Foundation states that reported in October 2021, the Rangers Protocol was rated by South Korean rating agency Xangle as “BB” neutral.

On November 10, the authoritative South Korean rating agency Xangle released a rating report on the blockchain infrastructure Rangers Protocol. The report shows that Xangle Credibility Rating Service has assigned Rangers Protocol a ‘BB’ neutral grade and defined it as “having average reliability and capability to achieve its goals.”

The Xangle rating is another major event of Rangers Protocol besides the official launch of Robin Testnet. It marks that Rangers Protocol is officially recognized by Korea.

The Rangers Protocol Foundation strongly supports Rangers Protocol’s global expansion strategy, helping Rangers Protocol expand its global market, partners, and releases.

The Rangers Protocol Foundation provides financial support for this event. The funds include but are not limited to: venue costs, labor costs, gift rewards, marketing and PR cost, and etc. 440 RPG Tokens in total.