Rangers Protocol Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the construction of blockchain infrastructure. As the governing body of the Rangers Protocol, Rangers Protocol Foundation dedicates to Rangers Protocol ecology’s technology development and iterative upgrading, marketing, applied ecology construction, community building and maintenance, and global partner development.

Rangers Protocol Foundation endeavors to advocating and promoting the development and construction of the Rangers Protocol and transparency in governance, in order to promote the secure and harmonious development of the open source society. Rangers Protocol is a long-term undertaking, and in order to continuously promote the development of Rangers Protocol, we need to continue to attract outstanding talents in the blockchain industry to work with us. Meanwhile, to reach certain important milestones in the development of Rangers Protocol, we also need to work with more partners and institutions. Throughout this process, Rangers Protocol will adhere to its corporate social responsibility, with values being generated going directly to support the growth of its eco-members.

Rangers Protocol Foundation will be responsible for the daily management, revenue and expenditure, and security of the entire Foundation. Responsible for managing the ecological foundation and community foundation.

Rangers Protocol Foundation operates in compliance with local laws, regulations, and regulatory requirements, and has no political or religious affiliations.

For more detailed information about the Foundation, please read Rangers Protocol White Paper.