Conference Date: September 24, 2021

Conference Theme: The Official Establishment of Decision-making Committee of Rangers Protocol Foundation

Conference Resolutions:

Jade, President of Rangers Protocol Foundation, hosted the conference and announced the establishment of Decision-making Committee of Rangers Protocol Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”).

The Committee is the highest decision-making body of the Foundation, and is responsible for all matters related to daily operation and management of the Foundation.

The Committee is responsible for managing the ecological foundation. The ecological foundation is managed and used on demand according to the rules of fund management, with a total amount of 4,200,000 RPG.

The release mechanism of the ecological foundation is project-based. Each entity submits an application, and the corresponding business committee reviews it and submits it to the Committee for deliberation or voting before it can be put into use, and it will be announced on the official website of the Foundation.

The Committee guarantees the operation of the ecological foundation and the dissemination of information. It consists of Technical Review Committee, Promotion Committee, Operation Assessment Committee, Strategic Cooperation Committee, and Internal Control and Supervision Committee. The purpose is to guarantee the smooth development of the project’s technology development, promotion and operation, ecological construction, strategic cooperation and risk control, and is committed to guarantee the consensus and openness of the use of funds. The ecological foundation is used for business development and commercial cooperation, and to motivate users to actively participate in the construction of the platform.

The following are the members of Decision-making Committee of Rangers Protocol Foundation: Jade Zhang, Mary Ma, ZKSun, Nicola Zhu, and Wennie Chueng.